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My name is Johanna, and I'm one of the owners of our blog. I'm in grade 7, and It's going quite well, next year we will get our grades :D I love to joke, laugh and just every kind of making noise with my mouth. Sometimes I'm funny, but sometimes I'm not. I think my friends starts to think I'm pretty annoying.

My favorite of the boys, is Louis. I have to say it. He's got everything, he's funny, cute, caring and HOT. He do also sing so AWESOME.

But I like every single one of the boys, they are my everything! I SHIP ZOUIS, LARRY AND ZIAM.

My favorites:

Food: Chicken, Taco's and Indian food (mostly currychicken...)

Movies: Twilight, IT and The Shining.

Tvshows: Desperate housewives ftw! And Futurama and Simpsons ;D

Music: 1D obvisously, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Your Favorite Martian, Elton John and Queen! And many moooooooore.

Pages: Twitter and Facebook :)

Follow me: @Love1Djojooh :)